Steam Fair at Woodcrest School

Steam Fair at Woodcrest School

Our students were tasked with creating a steam project in an area that they feel passionate about. We were exctatic to see how talented our students were and how much energy and excitement they put into their projects. Students built video games, showcased animation, put on intrepretive dances, performed using a myriad of instruments, conducted science experiences and much more. A special thank you goes out to our incredible teachers for helping to put on this years steam fair. They acted as mentors to understand the areas of interest, provide feedback, and support the students through the process.

Girl learning to dance
The history of Latin dance
How to make a plush animal
Student doing an art project
Making a robotic hand

Find Your Passion

In addition to strong academics in a traditional setting, our students are provided many opportunities to explore new passions in performing arts, robotics, science, art, and tinkering. Each year our students participate in several week long project based lessons that are based on themes. Students can use any medium to showcase their project. Many students have demonstrated proficiency using video, art, animation, and experiments. You never know when inspiration will take you on a new path, but at Woodcrest School all roads are open.

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