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Woodcrest Private Schools in California

At Woodcrest, we provide students with the opportunity to discover their passions, create life-long friendships, and build a strong academic foundation that makes learning easy and fun.

Our Private Schools in Tarzana, CA

Starting in Kindergarten our highly skilled teachers nurture students in small classes to build confidence and a love of learning. This love of learning contributes to a strong academic foundation that lasts a lifetime. Our curriculum and differentiated instruction help students consistently attain top scores on standardized tests and enroll in high schools of their choice upon graduation, one of many benefits of enrolling your child in a private school in California.

The overall goal of a Woodcrest education is much larger. We want your child to have as many options in life as possible. That means ensuring that all students thoroughly understand not only essential academic subjects, but also themselves as learners and human beings. At Woodcrest, our teachers set accelerated goals for the entire class, while attending to each student’s individual talents, interests, and challenges. This differentiated instruction inspires students to pursue achievement not simply to boost their grade-point averages, but for the satisfaction and self-assurance that well-earned success brings.

Private Elementary School Programs

Woodcrest’s private elementary school delivers a comprehensive, STEAM-focused education for K-5 students, sparking curiosity and creativity. Alongside academics, we emphasize the development of communication and leadership skills, fostering well-rounded future leaders through interactive activities and discussions.

Private Middle School Programs

At Woodcrest School in Tarzana, CA, we provide a private middle school education that prepares students for high school, transitioning them from concrete to abstract thinking during pivotal developmental years. Our students thrive in our small, community-centric classes, benefiting from excellent academic opportunities nurtured over 50+ years.


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After school enrichment classes


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Financial aid grant provided by owner on annual basis

Parental Involvement

Woodcrest parents are invested in their children’s education, figuratively and literally! Enrolling in a private school and paying tuition leads parents to be more inclined to ensure they are getting the most out of their investment, actively participating in school activities, volunteering, and engaging in their child’s educational development. Not only does this help your child, but it also improves the school as a whole!

Smaller Class Sizes

We work hard to build a strong sense of community, which helps children and parents invest in education. We require our students to meet academic standards, but our small class sizes and innovative methods give them all the resources they need to succeed. The major benefit of small class sizes is the freedom it gives teachers to ensure no child is left behind. If your child struggles with any subject, they will provide the attention they need to grasp the material.


Woodcrest School integrates technology throughout the curriculum including: Electronic White Boards and projectors in every classroom, Chromebooks, laptops, a robotics program, computer coding, computer lab, video production space, and cross-curricular multimedia. Students also enjoy classes in our newly built STEAM Lab. Students in 1st grade through 8th grade have a 1:1 Chromebook program.

A Reputation For Safety

Our number one priority at Woodcrest is to provide our students with a safe and nurturing learning environment. Private schools are safer than many public schools, giving parents peace of mind as their drop their children off for the school day. We are vigilant and work tirelessly to create a safe learning place.

Extracurricular Activities

At Woodcrest, our approach to education encompasses the holistic growth of each child. As a private school in the greater LA area, we are able to offer an extensive and varied selection of extracurricular activities such as chess, robotics, swimming, and more that are not typically available at public schools. We actively promote the exploration of different interests, encouraging students to participate in a diverse range of after-school options. With the chance to embark on a new journey each semester, students not only cultivate their passions and acquire new skills but also broaden their social circles and enhance their communication abilities.


Our goal is to prepare students for the next phase of their education and provide them with essential life skills. We want to offer students an education that brings many options and choices for their future. Teachers set overall goals for each class while tending to individual students’ academic needs. With such dedication, it’s not surprising graduates from our middle school continue at some of the area’s most prestigious private high schools, including:

  • Chaminade
  • View Point
  • Notre Dame
  • Harvard Westlake
  • De Toledo
  • Sierra Canyon
  • Crespi Carmelite
  • Louisville
  • Faith Baptist
  • Magnet / Public Schools
  • and more

Student Curriculum

Student Enrichment

Summer Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Grades K-5 begin at 8:15 am and end at 3:15 pm. Drop off will begin at 7:30am. Pick up begins at 3:15 pm. Grades 6-8 begin at 8:00 am and end at 3:15 pm. Drop off will begin at 7:30am. Pick up begins at 3:15 pm.

While time spent on homework may vary from child to child, the following is an estimate of the amount of time students should spend on daily homework at Woodcrest School in Tarzana.

Kindergarten: Teacher’s discretion
First and Second Grade: 20-30 Minutes
Third-Fourth Grade: 30-40 Minutes
Fifth Grade: 30-45 Minutes
Sixth-Eighth Grade: Up to one hour

Early care is available before school, from 7:30 a.m until 8:15 a.m at no additional cost. After School care is from 3:15 pm to 5:30 p.m provided at an additional cost.

Yes, students wear solid color polo shirts, solid color pants, solid color skirts. Shirts are available for purchase using our online app or you may purchase at local department stores.

Students bring lunch and snacks to school each day. Students eat lunch in several areas based on the group. We have an indoor dining area, outdoor covered eating, and outdoor classroom dining. Students may also purchase hot lunch through our vendor Bright Belly.

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