Woodcrest School
Indoor Pool

Woodcrest School is one of the few schools in the San Fernando Valley to offer swimming as part of the P.E. program. Swimming is life-long skill that is beneficial for health, mind and socialization. The Woodcrest School swim program run by Australian Swim School teaches proper technique to beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. Instructors work in small groups to tailor the curriculum to fit the needs of students from different grades. By the end of the session, swimmers and parents can expect to see measurable success across each session.

Throughout the year, Australian Swim School teaches our students competitive strokes and skills that prepare them for swim team. As swimmers grow in confidence and skill, they often develop an interest in swimming for competition. The swim program at Woodcrest School lays the foundation for a swimmer to transition into a team environment with proper stroke mechanics.

If you are interested in learning more about Woodcrest’s swim program, contact our Admissions Office at 818-345-3002 or via email at .

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