Unplugged Fun and Growth: A Summer at Valley Trails Summer Camp

Looking for a summer experience that goes beyond just fun and games? Valley Trails Summer Camp might just be the answer you’ve been searching for. Valley Trails Summer Camp offers a fun summer day camp focused on real connections and personal growth. Campers unplug from technology and engage in a variety of activities that challenge them to explore, discover, and push their limits. Beyond just fun and games, our camp community emphasizes communication, leadership, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity among campers and leaders alike. 

Valley Trails Summer Camp offers an unforgettable experience in two locations. Valley Trails Tarzana Summer Camp is at 6043 Tampa Avenue, on Woodcrest School campus.  Our safe and secure, private 2 1/2-acre property provides everything we need for any amazing camp experience in the San Fernando Valley. Valley Trails Santa Clarita Summer Camp is located at VT Ranch, a 200-acre rustic camp and retreat facility nestled in the canyons of Castaic.  VT Ranch is conveniently located within minutes of the 5 Freeway and the greater Santa Clarita Valley. 

Summer Camp Programs Tailored to Every Interest

Valley Trails Summer Camp offers a diverse range of engaging summer day camp programs catered to various interests and passions. From the traditional outdoor camp experience filled with swimming, adventures, and team-building activities to specialized programs such as dance, STEAM, leadership, movie making, cheer, and summer academy, there’s something for every camper. Whether they’re looking to explore their creative side, enhance their leadership skills, or delve into academic enrichment, Valley Trails provides a dynamic and supportive environment for campers to thrive and make lasting memories. 

Traditional Summer Camp  

Valley Trails Summer Camp Tarzana offers an unforgettable traditional summer experience for campers entering grades K-8. From thrilling adventures to team-building activities and creative exploration, campers are immersed in a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Led by dedicated group leaders and camp specialists, they’ll forge lifelong friendships and create lasting memories in age-appropriate groups. 

Traditional Summer Camp at VT Ranch  

Valley Trails Ranch invites campers entering grades K-8 to embark on an unforgettable traditional day camp adventure. From exploring the wonders of nature to mastering new sports and games, navigating challenging ropes courses, and diving into refreshing swims, each day is brimming with excitement and discovery. 

Campers in Leadership Training  

Campers entering 9th and 10th grade participate in the Campers In Leadership Training (CILT) program at Valley Trails in Tarzana. Through hands-on experience, they learn valuable leadership skills by working with different age groups and specialists each week. CILTs engage in group activities and attend leadership training sessions led by experienced staff members to prepare them for future leadership roles. 

STEAM Camp  

Valley Trails Summer Camp’s Tinker-Camp provides an engaging STEAM experience for campers entering 1-6 grade, where they delve into hands-on makerspace activities. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, campers explore a variety of tools and technologies, including 3D printers, robotics, computer modeling software, and more, to bring their creative projects to life. From building simple machines like pulleys and levers to conducting explosive myth-busting experiments and crafting Pinewood Derby Cars, campers are inspired to become inventors, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs while having fun and discovering the wonders of science and technology. 

Dance Camp & Music Video Mashup  

Our Dance Camp has two sessions for grades 1-5 and our Music Video Mash-Up has two sessions available to students entering grades 3-8. In the Hip Hop camp, students will immerse themselves in various hip-hop styles, choreograph group routines, design accessories, and develop their own dance style through warm-ups, routines, and improvisation sessions. In the Music Video Mashup camp, young music enthusiasts will have the opportunity to shine on stage as they create and film music videos, choreograph dance moves, and design costumes, all while unleashing their inner artist and collaborating with fellow campers. Led by experienced instructor Miss Dani, whose passion for dance spans classical ballet to contemporary styles, these camps offer unique and tailored programs to inspire campers and foster their love for music and dance. 

Cheer Camp  

Valley Trails Cheer Camp invites campers in grades 1-5 to dive into the vibrant world of cheerleading. From mastering cheers, chants, jumps, and stunts to perfecting pyramids, dance routines, and tumbling skills, campers will develop a range of athletic abilities while having a blast with new friends. Through group exercises, they’ll enhance their teamwork and leadership skills, building confidence, physical endurance, and flexibility along the way. Cheer Camp promises an unforgettable summer filled with energy, enthusiasm, and camaraderie! 

Movie Making  

Valley Trails Summer Camp offers a 1-week Movie Making day camp tailored for campers in grades 4-8. Led by Ali Deyer, participants will delve into the world of filmmaking, learning to craft stories, develop scripts, direct scenes, and edit movies. Through hands-on activities, campers will explore camera operation, lighting, sound, and editing, fostering teamwork and refining technical skills. The camp provides a supportive environment for budding filmmakers to experiment, take risks, and bring their creative visions to life on screen. 

Woodcrest Summer Academy 

Woodcrest Summer Academy is an exclusive program designed for current and incoming Woodcrest students, offering a comprehensive blend of academic skill-building, social/emotional learning, and back-to-school readiness. Mornings are dedicated to academics, with small class sizes allowing for individualized interventions in reading, writing, and math, as well as fostering social/emotional skills and executive functioning. Afternoons are filled with traditional camp activities like archery, team-building, dance, and swimming, ensuring a well-rounded experience. With studies indicating summer learning loss, Woodcrest Summer Academy aims to keep students engaged and prepared for the upcoming school year. 

Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are in good hands at Valley Trails. With a camper to staff ratio of 6:1 and experienced professionals passionate about working with children, safety and personalized attention are top priorities. Plus, both camp locations are accredited by the American Camp Association, ensuring the highest standards of quality and care. 

Ready to Join the Adventure? 

If you’re ready to give your child a summer they’ll never forget, it’s time to register for Valley Trails Summer Camp. With two convenient locations in Tarzana and Santa Clarita, there’s no better place to unplug, explore, and grow. Visit Valley Trails to learn more and start your child’s summer adventure today! 

FAQs: Your Guide to Valley Trails Summer Camp 

Valley Trails Summer Camp has two locations: Tarzana, located at 6043 Tampa Avenue on the campus of Woodcrest School, and Santa Clarita, located at VT Ranch, a rustic camp and retreat facility nestled in the canyons of Castaic. 

Our camp operates from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Extended Camp is included for free from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., and for $5 per day from 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

Please visit our Enrollment & Rates page for information on pricing and payment options. 

Unfortunately, we do not permit visitors as we’ve observed that they can disrupt the campers’ schedules and experiences. However, we post daily photos on valleytrails.com for you to view and share with your camper when they return home. 

You have the option to pack a sack lunch or buy lunch on days without field trips. On field trip days, all campers must bring a sack lunch, except for the Tweens on the Move, who have the option to purchase meals during trips. 

Campers must bring a backpack to camp daily, which will be stored on our backpack racks. Essential items to pack include a bathing suit, towel, water bottle, and lunch (if preferred). We encourage campers to bring a hat or visor, though it is optional. 

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