Woodcrest Student Profile


Woodcrest School K-8 instills confidence and academic excellence in bright, compassionate children to help them thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Three underlying qualities are essential to student success at Woodcrest.  First, our students appreciate the value of relationships.  Because they feel comfortable in their learning environment, they make lasting connections with teachers and staff to create a sense of safety and trust.  They build lasting friendships with their peers to promote fun and happiness across campus.  Every student’s emotional needs are met through a close partnership with staff and families.  An explicit focus on empathy and higher-level thinking skills allows our students to respect differences and celebrate diversity.  This sense of community empowers students to advocate for support and get their needs met.  As students in upper grades mature, they often act as role models by modeling empathy and compassion to younger students.  The value of relationships fosters a sense of wellbeing across campus.

Second, our children show a readiness and motivation to learn.  Students at Woodcrest demonstrate academic potential at or above grade level, so they’re adept at the rigor of traditional instruction.  As they grow, they’re able to understand their strengths and learning styles to individualize their understanding and take content to the next level.   They use their inherent curiosity and creativity to pursue budding passions through a range of opportunities and activities.  This combination of traditional instruction and authentic experience sets the stage for life-long learners prepared to excel in the real world.

Finally, students at Woodcrest demonstrate a growth mindset.  Our children understand that some things are challenging.  As students learn the importance of grit, determination, and resilience, they become comfortable facing adversity and trying new things.  Ultimately, our students are able to transform their understanding of themselves to carve a successful path to their future.

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