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Learn swim technique and develop a love for swimming in Woodcrest’s indoor pool. Woodcrest works with Australian Swim School a seasoned professional in the swim lesson industry to teach the latest techniques with the Aussie philosophy of squeezing every drop of fun out of every day. Class are designed to keep the swimmers moving in specific patterns that accentuate hand technique and hands-on correction from the instructor.

The Australian Swim School has a decorated history in helping infants and small children since opening in 1977. Australian Swim is a charter member of United States Swim School Association and were the first infant swimming chairman of that organization. The swim school won the Guiding Light Award in 2000 for our influence on the baby swim industry. In 2007, they received the high honor of being inducted to the Hall of Fame of the United States Swim School Association for contributions to baby and infant swimming lessons.

Learn more about summer swim lessons by calling 818-708-2800 or by clicking here.

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