Private Elementary School Near Tarzana Encino Reseda Woodland Hills

Woodcrest School offers an accredited private elementary school in Tarzana CA near Encino, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, and Woodland Hills in San Fernando Valley CA.

At Woodcrest School, we believe that all children are naturally curious, enthusiastic, ambitious, creative, and eager to acquire new experiences and knowledge. Therefore, we provide an educational experience that maximizes each child’s potential.  We emphasize a well-rounded curriculum, in which special subject classes (Art, Computers, Dance, Spanish, P.E. and Swim) complement and enrich our academic program. We strive to consider the whole child while providing a nurturing learning environment. The Gifted Program is a rigorous academic course of study structured to meet the needs of children working consistently above grade level. Students placed in the program have high standardized test scores as well as teacher recommendations. Because of the homogenous grouping of the children, the class moves at an accelerated pace. The ability to work independently is required. The program is comprised of two split classes:  a second/third grade combination and a fourth/fifth grade combination. Three teachers team-teach in the program.

Elementary School Curriculum

The program begins with tracking and recognizing single syllables, emphasizing blend letters and sounds, and matching oral words to printed words. Students learn to read high frequency/sight words, read aloud for fluency and expression, and follow one-step written directions and alphabetize words. Decoding words, identifying singular and plural words, writing in complete sentences, identifying synonyms and antonyms, identify and use present, past and future all assist in the writing process.

Our math program is designed to be linked within and across grade levels in our K-8 program. The course of study includes: Understand whole numbers, place value, solve problems with addition and subtraction, master multiplication and division facts, understand the relationship between fractions and decimals, tell time, money, units and measurement, describe and compare attributes of plane and solid geometric figures.

Social studies begins with a Child’s Place in the World and continues on to map and globe skills, community, summarize key events of the era, cause and effect of historical events, identify geographical features, natural resources used, importance of citizenship, influences on global trade, understand the cooperation and conflict between the American Indians and the new settlers, explain influence and achievements of significant leaders, and names, capitals, and location of all 50 states.


Library class is visited once a week with instruction facilitated by our librarian. Students identify sections of the library that includes picture books, easy reader, fiction, nonfiction, and research books. They develop a love for reading by finding biographies, autobiographies, mysteries, fairytales, and folktales.

All K-5 students attend computer class with a computer specialist. The children learn computer literacy by gaining knowledge and understanding of computers combined with the ability to use them effectively. Students learn simple application programs and print and save material. Keyboarding classes aid our students in their speed and proficiency. Children become familiar with important computer terminology, hardware, and software, computer graphics, and PowerPoint. Keyboarding, coding, and robotics begin in grade three and continue through grade five.

Students receive their science instruction from our science specialists. The students have two classes a week of 45 minutes in the Science Lab. Experiments, as well as theory are studies in the classes. There is a Science Fair in the spring that all students participate in.

Curriculum Enrichment

Student Council
Competitive Sports
Physical Education

Field Trips

Discovery Cube
Underwood Farms
Ronald Reagan Library
Camp High Trails

Why Choose Woodcrest

Students who attend Woodcrest develop an understanding of the perspectives of children from different backgrounds and learn to respect opinions of others and are open to multiple perspectives on any issue.
Small Class Size
This is one of Woodcrest’s greatest gifts. Our small class size gives students more attention and forges deeper relationships with teachers.
Before & After Care
Enrichment programs are available for an additional fee. These programs include: arts & crafts, cooking, chorus, painting, computer arcade, tennis, karate, athletics, readers, theater, and more.
Woodcrest School’s tuition is set to keep private school education within reach for parents of our community. Woodcrest is committed to offering an outstanding education while remaining fiscally responsible.
Woodcrest employs highly dedicated and qualified teachers. The collaboration of the faculty ensures a safe and secure environment where creativity and social and emotional intelligence is nurtured.
Free Transportation
Free bus transportation from Sherman Oaks. Bus leaves promptly at 7:45am each day.

Parent Organization

We are fortunate at Woodcrest School to have an actively involved group of parents who care deeply for their children’s education. All parents are encouraged to take on leadership opportunities as well as attend Parent Organization events.

The Parent Organization is comprised of parent volunteers who help support the school through fundraising activities, as well as assist in a variety of school services and share many responsibilities, including:

  • Sponsorship of Annual Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • Coordination of safety programs
  • Support of the garden
  • Participation in holiday celebrations and classroom trips
  • Sale of uniforms
  • Volunteering in classroom
  • Lectures by distinguished educators and psychologists

Community Service

At Woodcrest School we place emphasis on working together to help our local community. Parents, students, faculty, alumni, and friends get together throughout the year to participate in many important ways to raise awareness, raise money, and most importantly to show how the power of many can truly make a difference in the world.


Over the past 45 years, Woodcrest alumni have gone on to amazing careers, top colleges and universities, and impressive internships. The alumni of Woodcrest School come back year after year to participate in opportunities to pass down experiences shared after graduation. Our school is extremely lucky to have such a supportive network of alumni and supportive parents.

Audrey Roy

  • MIT Graduate
  • 1st Place Winner of Yahoo Hack Day Contest
  • Author of Top Selling Coding Book

Harlan Flagg

  • Electrical Engineering Graduate
  • Built His Own Electric Car
  • Founder of Hollywood Electrics

Courtney Mohl

  • Stanford Graduate
  • UCLA Law School Honors Graduate
  • Lawyer at LA’s Largest Law Firm
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