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Enroll Now: Small Class Sizes and Gifted Education

Woodcrest School is a private K-8 school serving TarzanaSherman OaksEncino, and Woodland Hills, CA. In addition to our world-class middle school, we also offer exemplary preschoolK-5 and Middle School programs. Our school prioritizes the whole child by creating nourishing environments and fostering a lifelong love of learning. Giving your child a solid academic foundation can set them on the path to success. We know you have questions, so read below to learn more about our school.

What Sets Your School Apart from Others?

At Woodcrest School, we have a set of core values that make us one of the leading private schools in the region. While we utilize a traditional academic curriculum to prepare our students for high school, we combine it with innovative uses of technology and an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and communication. Our school promotes diversity, and our staff represents it. Our teachers inspire their students to be their best through creative instruction. We utilize technology and small class sizes to reach children of all ages and abilities. Lastly, we implement programs that teach children leadership skills and responsibility.

What Can I Expect from the Application Process?

We know how important your child’s education is to you and your family. We have a three-step application process to make enrollment easier for everyone involved. You can expect the following:

Step One: The first step toward your child’s Woodcrest School journey is immersing yourself in our community. This phase is your chance to see whether we are the right fit for our child. You can meet with teachers and attend events.

Step Two: If you decide you want to enroll your child in our school, you will need to begin our online application process. Some information we will need is your child’s education history, their grade level, and why you are choosing Woodcrest School.

Step Three: Once we receive your application, one of our staff members will schedule an assessment with you and your child. It will take roughly 30 minutes and includes interviews with you, your child, and an academic evaluation.

The Benefits of Private Elementary and Middle School

Woodcrest School believes in making the most of our resources to provide our students with an inclusive and immersive educational experience. The benefits of private schools are clear:

  • Parental Involvement: Because parents have to enroll their children in private schools and pay tuition, we see much more parental involvement than public schools do. Not only does this help your child, but it also improves the school as a whole.
  • Safe Learning Environments: Private schools are safer than many public schools, giving parents peace of mind as their drop their children off for the school day. We are vigilant and work tirelessly to create a safe learning place.
  • Community-Based Learning: We work hard to build a strong sense of community, which helps children and parents invest in education. We require our students to meet academic standards, but our small class sizes and innovative methods give them all the resources they need to succeed.
  • Individualized Attention for Teachers: The major benefit of small class sizes is the freedom it gives teachers to ensure no child is left behind. If your child struggles with any subject, they will provide the attention they need to grasp the material.
  • Increased Access to Extracurricular Activities: Many public schools have hundreds, if not thousands, of students. That can make it challenging for students who want to participate in athletics. But we maintain a smaller enrollment, meaning your child can enjoy extracurriculars.

Contact Us Today for Small Class Sizes

We hope you consider enrolling your child in our school. Whether they are in preschool or starting middle school, our educational program has proven to give students an outstanding foundation for success at the high school and college levels. Our students develop a healthy love of learning, which suits them well as they continue their educational journey. Contact us today to learn more about the enrollment process and what we have to offer.

School Hours

For the 2022-2023 school year the hours are as follows: After school care is provided at an additional cost.

  • Grades K-5 begin at 8:15 am and end at 3:15 pm. Drop off will begin at 7:30am.  Pick up begins at 3:15 pm
  • Grades 6-8 begin at 8:00 am and end at 3:15 pm. Drop off will begin at 7:30am.  Pick up begins at 3:15 pm

School Philosophy

Our philosophy is that all children are naturally curious, enthusiastic, ambitious, creative and eager to acquire new experiences and knowledge. It is our responsibility as educators to foster these feelings, and in doing so, to provide an educational experience to maximize each child’s potential. At Woodcrest, we emphasize a traditional, well-rounded curriculum for our students in which special subject classes complement and enrich our academic program. We strive to consider the whole child while providing a nurturing learning environment.

Learning Styles

Differentiated instruction is the way in which our teachers anticipate and respond to a variety of students’ needs in the classroom. To meet our students’ needs, Woodcrest modifies the content (what is being taught), the process (how it is taught) and the product (how students demonstrate their learning) to ensure maximum success.

Homework Policy

While time spent on homework may vary from child to child, the following is an estimate of the amount of time students should spend on daily homework.

  • Kindergarten: Teacher’s discretion
  • First and Second Grade: 20-30 Minutes
  • Third-Fourth Grade: 30-40 Minutes
  • Fifth Grade: 30-45 Minutes
  • Sixth-Eighth Grade: Up to one hour

Extended Care

Early care is available before school, from 7:30 a.m until 8:15 a.m at no additional cost.

After School care is from 3:15 pm to 5:30 p.m provided at an additional cost.

Dress Code

Yes, students wear solid color polo shirts, solid color pants, solid color skirts.  Shirts are available for purchase using our online app or you may purchase at local department stores.  Click here to view our dress code.


Woodcrest School integrates technology throughout the curriculum including: Electronic White Boards and projectors in every classroom, Chromebooks, laptops, a robotics program, computer coding, computer lab, video production space, and cross-curricular multimedia.  Students also enjoy classes in our newly built STEAM Lab.  Middle school students have a 1:1 Chromebook program.

Buddy Program

Buddies are matched at the beginning of the year, and the relationships are nurtured all year long through regular classroom visits and activities on campus pairing the older and younger children. The Big Buddies join their Little Buddies in a variety of classroom-based activities as well as outdoor play. They also partner with them in school-wide activities.


Students bring lunch and snack to school each day. Students eat lunch in several areas based on the group. We have an indoor dining area, outdoor covered eating, and outdoor classroom dining.  Students may also purchase hot lunch through our vendor Bright Belly.

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