Academics of our Private School in Tarzana, CA


Starting in Kindergarten our highly skilled teachers nurture students in small classes to build confidence and a love of learning. This love of learning contributes to a strong academic foundation that lasts a lifetime. Our curriculum and differentiated instruction helps students consistently attain top scores on standardized tests and enroll in high schools of their choice upon graduation.

The overall goal of a Woodcrest education is much larger.  We want your child to have as many options in life as possible. That means ensuring that all students thoroughly understand not only essential academic subjects, but themselves as learners and human beings. At Woodcrest, our teachers set accelerated goals for the entire class, while attending to each student’s individual talents, interests, and challenges. This differentiated instruction inspires students to pursue achievement not simply to boost their grade-point averages, but for the satisfaction and self assurance that well earned success brings.

High School Matriculation

Over the last few years our middle school students have matriculated to some of the following schools…

  • Chaminade
  • View Point
  • Notre Dame
  • Harvard Westlake
  • De Toledo
  • Sierra Canyon
  • Crespi Carmelite
  • Louisville
  • Faith Baptist
  • Magnet / Public Schools
  • and more

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